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What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) - How it Differs from ICO?

In the beginning of blockchain projects, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) acts as the primary medium for fund raising in crypto currency field. The introduction of new type of ICO to the crypto market came in the name of IEO. It is meant to be the latest trend in cryptocurrency business. IEO is nothing but one form of ICO in which it is called to be a better version of it. Unlike ICO in which crypto-wallet can be owned by anyone whereas, IEO is an exchange-specific. It represents the offering and buying of a token happens by utilizing one’s user account in the exchange. What is IEO? To abbreviate, initial exchange offering is referred as an IEO, a fund-raising event administered by an exchange. To explain it in a simple way, initial coin offering (ICO) conduct the fund raising with the project team whereas Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) conduct the fund-raising in a well-known exchange platform where users can buy tokens directly by utilizing the funds from one’s own exchange

What is smart contract ? A complete startup guide for beginners

Now a days we are all presented in this Digital world, in our day to day life we gets more interacted with digital process. Earning via online gets more frequent and also it contains more fraudulent too. Especially it gets too risk on investing and currency exchanging business. To overcome this fear, the same technology finds new secure solution in the name of  Blockchain  also more than secure we needs assurance for that, it brings the concept of  Smart Contract . What is Smart Contract? Smart contract is consist of computer code that simplifies the execution of certain agreements. It relates to the decentralized blockchain technology which can both terminates the needs of middleman process, by gets direct dealing with seller or buyer. In Smart Contract we can get assurance by getting seller asset with digital process and then we can invest money or cryptocoin with our investor. When Does it Starts? Since the first smart contract platform was released in 2015, solidi

Best Ethereum Dapp Development Solution

Pulsehyip is the best Ethereum DApp Development Company in India and it provides the development of blockchain based Smart Contracts using the latest Ethereum platform for business peoples. We coordinate with our valuable clients on a daily basis to offer them with assurance in making the complex online business decisions, by expanding high-edge Blockchain solutions, Which can help to develop their business productivity. Tools we used to Develop ETH Our well-versed developers are highly professional to understand all the tools and technology are present in Ethereum Ecosystem . Our ETH techies build you a decentralized application with the presence of these tools Truffle Solium Remix Embark Parity Zeppelin Metamask Comparison of ETH & EOS The price movement of both crypto tokens looks almost similar replicating exact high and low points. Since the beginning of the year, ETH has recorded 2X growth from initially trading around $133 to crossing $260 mark. EO

Get Funds from Aggregate Investors through STO

Are you an Entrepreneur? Looking to get funds from promising investors? Here we share an idea for your questions and get more solution from STO development method. Security Token Offering  System is a legal concept for tokening business. which come across most jurisdictions and these include shares, bonds, and units in investment funds. What is Security token Offerings Security token usually derives their values from external and tradable assets.  Click here to know more briefly about STO and its development . A crypto token that should pass the Howey test to be count as a security token. Before launching token creation, we should follow the federal security regulations which have immensely powerful use-cases. They are Regulation D Regulation A+ Regulation S How Pulsehyip Supports to get Funds? Pulsehyip is one of the  best security token creation company  in India. We ensure that these rules and regulations are embedded in the STO ecosystem to facilitate compliant management and secur