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What is Minter Network & Its Works

Minter is a blockchain network  that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity. Minter is the next generation currency it allows the users to create a own coin and let them to set its own price. Minter allows the creation of coins and let them to use it on everyday. Imagine a blockchain that would allow you to create your own coin and transfer it or exchange it for all of the other coins issued in the network—as well as Bitcoin, Ether, and even USD—in an instant, limitless manner. Imagine the next-generation cryptocurrencies. Minter is 200 times faster than its grandpa! Coin Issuance Money is a tool for exchanging value. Today, the value is produced by many people and companies, for example, popular Internet shops and services, new YouTubers or Instagramers, mobile games, or communities of people. They all need their own money on their own terms. Exchangeability

Best Blockchain and Custom Solution

Pulsehyip is a certified solution for software development, Pulsehyip had honored from CIO review India Magazine for top most promising Blockchain solution provider. We had nearly 10 years of experience into various business verticals like business providing solution, software development, web app development etc., We having an N number of business models based on cryptocurrency investment and exchanging fields, our iconic business models are Blockchain Application Development Decentralized Exchange Script Cryptocurrency Exchange   ICO Software Bitcoin Banking Software with Blockchain Bitcoin MLM Software We are readily available by creating End to End service solution with different combination of tech stack and enables for custom solutions. We are here to propel ahead with or learning and transform into with our tech giants.

Blockchain Apps Using Hyperledger Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain Technology is getting more and more refined with an update of blockchain platforms. These blockchain platforms have been branded for the reason it is unique and developed with top security and can’t find any loophole lagging In this Blog, we going to explain in detail about the Top platform Hyperledger and its Frameworks and How Pulsehyip works with Hyperledger Blockchain platforms . Hyperledger is the revolution of Blockchain technology, it was launched by Linux foundation. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and Technology. Pulsehyip dedicated coder used to develop Hyperledger project with a Solidity programming language, that is intended for writing smart contracts for Ethereum-based blockchains. Solidity's syntax was based on JavaScript, which makes the language easier to pick up c++ and Python. Hyperledger incubates and promo

Best Blockchain Platform on 2019

Blockchain technology gets placed on the on-demand sector, everyone had used to start the work with blockchain technology so their needs and responsibilities have grown to the next level. In the beginning level blockchain utilization placed only on Financial industries but on day by day the benefits of blockchain gets spread and utilized by all industries to make the process more secure and organized. On day by day, the growth of blockchain utility transforms into blockchain platform, and though the one of the reasons for the blockchain platform growth is ICO token creation There are many platforms have created to secure your business, here we have discussed Top 10 blockchain platforms also have listed and explained briefly. They are,

Blockchain Technology in Recruitment Industries

Let we discuss, What are the difficulties that recruitment industries are facing and also Pulsehyip serves the solution for those blockades with blockchain in recruitment . Challenges of present Recruitment system The major flaw is based on the human element, with the third party recruitment consultant are the only value that to identify that how many applicants can be placed in the allocated job, if they potentially fill those seats with the wrong candidate then who is responsible to whom to refined these dilemmas. And in some areas, value candidates may put on hold and a commission candidate may take over to the next round. This may happen and we may be lost the best candidates for our roles. These problems all occur when there is a lack of technology implemented in the hiring process. Once those systems take over by blockchain technology the system can be easily sustained in the ledger form and also get visible to the whole management. How Blockchain Over

Evolution of Blockchain Smart Contract and Dapps

Smart Contracts and dapps  is the mandatory techniques of this upcoming transaction process . A Dapp is a 'blockchain enabled' website, where the Smart Contract is allows it to connect to the blockchain. A Dapp is very similar to a conventional web application. The front end uses the exact same technology to render the page.   In this blog we going to know about both Smart Contract and Dapps (Decentralized Application) working process. What is Smart Contract Smart contract is the efficient system to make your transaction process in in top secure manner. It is a computer code run with the blockchain and contain with certain rules which the parties of smart contract agree to interact each other Smart Contract is the connect of two people run under the blockchain coding also stores in public data base which cannot change. This transaction process happen in smart way done by automatically with out any guidence of third party. Smart contract Works:

Pulsehyip Blockchain Future is Redefined

The blockchain is the original list of growing records is called as blocks. Which gets implemented through Dapp Development services Its structured data is the representation of financial ledger or a record of the transaction, that is developed with the kind of shared public ledger which gets connects with entire blockchain networks. Pulsehyip provides end to end Blockchain solutions for all kind of banking and financing sector to differentiate your Bitcoin banking website from your competitors and take advantage of the process improvements offered by this distributed digital-ledger- applications framework. We readily available by creating End to End service solution with a different combination of tech stack and enables for custom solutions. We are here to propel ahead with our learning and transform into with our tech giants. The blockchain could potentially save cryptocurrency banks by dramatically reducing processin