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Blockchain Banking solution | Blockchain Solution for banking

Today blockchain technology is used for most of the businesses like real-estate, healthcare, e-commerce, Banking, insurance, supply chain management, the voting system and more. Mainly, Banking industry is turning to the blockchain technology for the security and flexibility purpose. At the same time, Most of the business owners are started bitcoin banking business. We all know without banks, our financial economy couldn’t function. As well as, cryptocurrency banks are very crucial one to save the user’s cryptocurrency and other digital assets. The growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are increased day by day. Most of the people use cryptocurrencies today. And most of the others are creates their own cryptocurrencies too. But the protection of cryptocurrency is questionable. That's why most of the business owners started their cryptocurrency banks and provide the place for bitcoin users to protect their digital assets. Here people can make all banking activities like

Reliable Bitcoin Exchange Script

Leading & Reliable Bitcoin Exchange Script Pulsehyip is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange software & blockchain development companies in India. We provide both centralized and decentralized exchange script/software with the advanced features like: 1. Trade Chart & Match Engine  2. Escrow Services  3. Build the buy and sell system  4. Multi-sogn Wallet integration 5. Multiple Crypto & fiat payment gateway integration  6. High level of liquidity  7. P2P and multiple level order type 8. Margin Trading and Lending System  9.HTTP authentication  10.Advanced Admin Panel & more We offer eminent business solutions like Cryptocurrency Exchange, Crypto Wallet Development, Hyperledger Blockchain Development, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), ICO Development, Ethereum token Development like ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, Crypto Coin Creation, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin MLM software, Bitcoin Banking software, Crypto Trading and Lending software.Our

Which is the best bitcoin wallet development company ?

In the last few months, Pulsehyip has been developing blockchain & cryptocurrency wallets like bitcoin wallet, litecoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, crypto note & monero wallet, dogecoin wallet, and dash wallets and more for our users/clients. We believe that our knowledge & experience should be shared with everyone and with that intention this blog was created. Here You can know about what is bitcoin wallet app? Benefits of bitcoin wallet app, How to develop bitcoin wallet and cost idea of bitcoin wallet development? What development process we follow ?, What we provide?  So What is Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Wallet app?  Bitcoin/cryptocurrency Wallet App is nothing but slightly similar to your conventional bank account that enables to securely send, receive and store bitcoins. Bitcoin wallet mainly generated for bitcoin's safety purpose. It helps to store and transfer your cryptocurrencies or digital information from one to another in a secure manner.  Benefi

Blockchain Technology in Real Estate

Blockchain Technology in Real Estate Cryptocurrency is still the most exclusive & hot headline in the tech world; but, there is little attention over the latest technology — Blockchain. There is a lot being written about blockchains, bitcoin, and related technologies, and for many real estate experts, this is part of an innovative, new, confusing world of technology. As the online business world, the blockchain is an uprising in technology that will touch all kind of people and all kind of businesses. So people are paying more attention, but many still don’t know what the blockchain is. The technology of blockchain can revamp several industries, including real estate, to turn the related processes and transactions more transparent, contemporary, and well-organized. So, what are the advantages of using blockchain? Basically, when transferring money in a foreign account or another account, the transaction would include an extra fee charged by your financial in

Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency exchange app

In this digital business world, cryptocurrency & blockchain based business has a higher concentration among the global right? Mainly most of the people started their business with bitcoin exchange. Because cryptocurrency exchange business is easy and fast money making business.  In fact, the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to grow every passing month. And in a stage of massive hype, what can be better than a cryptocurrency exchange app?  The demand for bitcoin exchange apps will continue to rise with the growing trading volumes worldwide. In such a scenario, launching a high-end & secured bitcoin exchange app is a far better choice than creating a bitcoin exchange website. But choosing the right service provider to build your exchange app is a very crucial one. Important components of a cryptocurrency exchange app

Full-Featured Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Full-Featured Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Script For starting decentralized bitcoin exchange platform efficiently with branding effects. Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchanges are secure online platforms where users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The crypto exchanges set the rates of the currencies. The cryptocurrency rates usually depend upon the actions of the buyers and sellers. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software: One option in making cryptocurrency software in is using decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software to start the cryptocurrency exchange with advanced features. Pulsehyip is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development company offers complex business solutions for business people who are all ready to build their own exchange platform and our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange script to facilitate secure and fast transactions. If you already own cryptocur

Decentralized Exchange Script | Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Script

Create Your Own P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Using Decentralized Exchange Script Decentralized Exchange  Script - Pulsehyip is the leading decentralized exchange script development company in India. We Provide complete software support to build your own decentralized exchange website. With help of our decentralized exchange script you can exchange multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum,Lite Coin and also you can change your digital tokens also based on your business requirements.  with the help of our decentralized exchange script, your users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need of third-party or any other middleman. Pulsehyip decentralized exchange script offers a multi-signature escrow system to ensure that all trades are carried out honestly. Our experienced Blockchain coders can create ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, ERC777 tokens,  Decentralised exchange tokens, Decentralised supply chain tokens, New blockchain platform tokens, Decentralis

Build Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Platform with Robust Decentralized Exchange Script

Build Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Platform with Robust Decentralized Exchange Script We all know, starting a cryptocurrency business like cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency investment is the beginning of something great and instant revenue making business in the economic world. Decentralized exchange is nothing but it is an exchange market that does not depend on a middle man service to hold the user's funds. Instead, trades occur directly between users (P2P) through an automated process. This process can be achieved by creating tokens or assets or through a decentralized multi-signature escrow system, among other advanced solutions that are currently being developed. Nowadays numerous decentralized exchange script providers are available in this digital market. But choosing the right cryptocurrency service provider is not an easy task. Running a successful decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform is such a difficult task for newbies. Unfortunately they

Decentralized Exchanges Are the Future of Cryptocurrency

Decentralized Exchanges Are the Future of Cryptocurrency Recently lots of problems with govt regulations and security for centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are new trends in this business industry and provide secured P2P trade without control of any central authority. Now its known as DEX too. In this article get some clear idea about what is decentralized exchange & it's benefits? What is a Decentralized Exchange  A decentralized exchange is an exchange market that does not depend on a middle man service to hold the user's funds. Instead, trades occur directly between users (P2P) through an automated process. This process can be achieved by creating tokens (crypto assets that be a certain fiat or cryptocurrency) or assets (that can be shares in a business industry for example) or through a decentralized multi-signature escrow system, among other advanced solutions that are currently being developed. Why Decentralized Exchanges is im

Enhance Your Business with Blockchain Technology

Enhance Your Business with Blockchain Technology! Are you a start-up? Established company ? Do you want to build your own full scale blockchain? Smart contracts? Or a distributed ledger/customized blockchian on top of another platform? If you have an idea and want to start your own blockchain company, you want an in-house blockchain developer. Your product is going to evolve and need many updates. You want a developer that is unrestricted, believes in your product, and will commit to it. Pulsehyip is the leading cryptocurrency & Blockchain focused development & solutions company based in India.It is one of the experienced blockchain dev firms in the business market. They have always been in the professional team to know innovation before it joins them from elsewhere. They help businesses in multipled industry domains to develop new business models. Our professional team of blockchain developers can guide you in identifying opportunities for dApps,

Blockchain Wallet App Development Company | Hire Blockchain Wallet App Developer

Blockchain Wallet App Development Company | Hire Blockchain Wallet App Developer Blockchain wallet app is presently becoming the talk of the town in the world of technology and innovations and the blockchain wallet platforms are searching to leverage this underlying potential of the blockchain technology. Then, the platform will be able to execute the transfer of billions of dollar to/from the financial business markets in a fast, cheaper and secure way. As well, it would begin itself as a link between users and a blockchain application to develop, store and manage data saved in custom blockchain application exactly. However, to help the growth, you may need to resort hiring the best blockchain wallet development company. What is a Blockchain Wallet? Blockchain wallet is a computer program that allows to monitor and manage cryptocurrency. Don’t think of it as a real item that stores your currency as a regular wallet does. In crypto wallets, transactions are listed on t

What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange? A step-by-step startup guide for Beginners

What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange? A step-by-step startup guide for Beginners If you are new to cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform then this beginners guide should help point you in all the right directions while making you aware of the many pitfalls that exist. In this starter’s guide you’ll learn: 1) What is Cryptocurrency Exchange? 2) What is Bitcoin Exchange? 3) What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading? 4) Difference Between Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading 5) How Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Works? 6) Benefits of creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform? 7) Features of cryptocurrency exchange and trading 8) How to use Bitcoins? 9) How does Cryptocurrency make money? 10) How does Cryptocurrency exchange work? 11) What is a cryptocurrency wallet 12) How to Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Website? 13) What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? 14) Where Do Get Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? 15) Cryptocurrency

How Blockchain Developers Will Help Your Business Grow

How Blockchain Developers Will Help Your Business Grow Blockchain is a new technology is ready to revolutionize the future of financial industries. Blockchain software development companies call it a important medium that one can use digitally for beginning the ownership of currency & others... So What is Blockchain in Simple Words? Blockchain is actually a digital public ledger used for keeping records of all types of transactions. It is more secure as compared to the traditional system expand throughout the banking industry in all parts of the world. Once the online transaction is initiated, it secures users’ information and makes it  hard to add, delete or make changes. So it is a solid reason why we advise you to hire Blockchain developer . The traditional security network deployed in banking system invites hackers and fraudsters because of loopholes in it. Apart from that, Blockchain reduces this risk to a huge term with decentralization and encoding of

What is Ethereum? A Step-by-Step Startup Guide for Beginners

What is Ethereum? A Step-by-Step Startup Guide for Beginners Do you want to know what Ethereum is & it's benefits, and what it can be used for, this guide is perfect for you. Important Note: If you’re unfamiliar with blockchain technology, check out step by step introduction for blockchain technology beginners guide here. 1.What is Ethereum? Ethereum is an open-source platform, based on blockchain technology, allowing software developers to build smart contracts and decentralized applications & it supports the latest & modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions. Ethereum was created in 2014 by lead-developer Vitalik Buterin and is now the second most valuable coin in the cryptocurrency industry. 2. Ethereum and Ether People generally use the terms Ethereum and Ether mutually. However, they are different. Ethereum is the smart contract network, although Ether is the token or coin needed to fuel

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Development Team & Experienced Blockchain Programmers in India

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Development Team & Experienced Blockchain Programmers in India With the presence of thousands of companies, it is difficult to hire dedicated blockchain development team who fulfills the business needs.For hiring  experienced blockchain programmers - you should choose the right place to do your blockchain based projects. If you are looking for the best blockchain development company to hire experienced developers for your business? Yes, You are at a perfect place now. Pulsehyip is the leading blockchain development company which offers excellent hiring models for all development  process.You can hire dedicated blockchain developers for all type of businesses. Here they provides blockchain developers for Offshore as well as Onsite  projects. Get Free Consultation>>>